The Risks of Ongoing Conflict

Studies have shown that ongoing conflict between parents after separation may increase the children’s risk factors for teen pregnancy, depression, behavioural problems, poor performance at school and suicide.

Do all that you can to avoid placing your child in the middle of your conflict. Try to avoid the following:-

  • Criticising your ex in front of your child;
  • Using your child as a messenger between you and your ex partner;
  • Arguing in front of the child STOP IT;
  • Asking your child for information about your ex partner;
  • Forbidding mention of the other parent;
  • Telling your child that the other parent is to blame for any difficulties or for the separation itself, this will create a conflict of loyalties for the child;
  • Telling your child, for example, the other parent does not pay any child maintenance. This will just add to their sense of abandonment;
  • Forcing your child to choose between you.