If you and your former partner have joint ownership of a house or you are married there are a number of ways in which the family home can be dealt with i.e transferred to one owner, sold, retained jointly until a specified eventĀ  – the appropriate method will depend upon your personal circumstances.

If you jointly rent a property you will need to take steps to transfer this. If you require temporary accommodation or are homeless the Local Authority Housing Department has a duty to provide you with advice about finding somewhere to live. For support with this contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

You may be eligible for council housing accommodation on a permanent basis. Provision of temporary accommodation does not guarantee that the Local Authority will re-house you permanently. The Council has procedures for deciding priorities in the allocation of housing. You could apply for Local Housing Association properties, or you could rent from a private landlord. You may even be in a position to buy your own home either outright with the aid of a mortgage or through a buy-to-let scheme if you have a smaller deposit. For Housing assistance seek support from the Citizens Advice Bureau.


If the debt is in your name you are responsible for paying it off. If the debt is in joint names you may still have responsibility towards paying it back regardless of what the money was spent on. If you have been left with arrears of rent or mortgage it is imperative that these are sorted out.

Remember to let all utility companies know if you have moved out and the accounts are in your name. Similarly, If your partner has left you may be able to seek a reduction in council tax payments.