Your most likely source of income will be from one or more of the following:-

  • Earnings from employment
  • State benefits
  • Child maintenance
  • Spousal maintenance if you were married to your former partner


If you have a job, contact the Inland Revenue and inform them of your change in circumstances. You may be eligible for additional tax allowances or credits as well as other benefits, even though you are working. The amount you receive will depend upon your personal income and circumstances. Check with the Citizens Advice Bureau to find out what benefits you may be entitled to.

State Benefits

To find out what benefits you may be entitled to visit or contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Spousal Maintenance

If you were married and your former spouse has sufficient income then it may be possible to obtain spousal maintenance. This would require your ex spouse to pay you periodical payments. An application for spousal maintenance would normally be made within divorce proceedings.