What is Moving Forward?

Moving Forward is a unique initiative to help, support and assist separating families in Lincolnshire to meet the key challenges of separation. Our aim is to help you and your children move forward. It is intended that with the knowledge, awareness and tools that you develop you will be better able to address the issues that need resolving in the interests of your child without going to court.

Separation is full of uncertainty and can feel overwhelming. Your children may also be struggling. A significant factor in how well children adjust to their parents’ separation relates to how well the parents adjust. Separation often involves multiple changes. We hope to provide you with information that will help you to deal with the emotional, parental, legal, community and financial changes occurring at this time, enabling you to support and re-settle your family.

Moving Forward Information Sessions will be taking place across the county, and the One-to-One Consultations and Mediation will be available at the following Sills & Betteridge offices: Lincoln, Boston, Skegness, Gainsborough, Sleaford and Scunthorpe. 

For further details regarding what’s on offer please click here.